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The recent combination of Signet and Zale has brought together some of the best-known and most-beloved brands in jewelry, including Mappins Jewellers.

Mappins Jewellers started our Canadian operation in 1935. Today, Mappins prides itself on its wide selection, offering pieces in a range of price points from engagement rings to fashionable and contemporary jewelry. Our goal is to make sure that all Mappins guests can always find something beautiful.

Mappins also offers exclusives, like the Mappins Canadian Ideal Collection. These beautiful, hand-selected diamonds are mined and cut in the Northwest Territories. And the Mappins Forever Collection offers unique, romantic, enduring designs to celebrate special moments.

In addition to exclusive jewelry styles, Mappins is known for its personal touch. We have approximately 50 locations across Canada which are staffed with friendly, knowledgeable consultants committed to creating enjoyable shopping experiences. These personal relationships have made Mappins a favorite destination for decades.


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