Zale Corporation

Zale Corporation as Corporate Citizen

Being a leading specialty retailer of fine jewelry goes beyond superior products and services. Our commitment to being a responsible company includes our efforts to be transparent and honest, but also includes the social, environmental and economic impacts in the communities where we do business. Our customers and stakeholders place enormous value on our corporate citizenship, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

Community Programs

We know that the long-term success of our company can be influenced by our role as a responsible member of society. That is why we support the programs that strengthen our community. More

Conflict Diamond Policy

We will continue to do whatever it takes to end the trading of conflict diamonds. Through our efforts and those of others, we are working to eradicate conflict diamonds, period. More

Gold Sourcing

We believe that gold should be mined and refined in a sustainable and responsible manner that respects the needs of people and the earth. More