Zale Corporation


The recent combination of Signet and Zale has brought together some of the best-known and most-beloved brands in jewelry, including Zales, the Diamond Store.

Since 1924, Zales has helped more couples say "I love you" than any other jeweler. It's another reason why Zales is "The Diamond Store." Since brothers Morris and William Zale opened our first store 90 years ago, Zales has stayed true to their vision: to provide guests with quality merchandise at affordable prices. This tradition of excellence and value has made Zales one of the most recognizable fine jewelers in shopping malls across North America.

A great brand starts with great products. Zales has always offered an outstanding collection of fine jewelry. But Zales' greatest strength is our knowledge of diamonds. We are North America's foremost diamond experts, having helped millions of couples find their bridal diamonds for generations.

Our approximately 600 North American retail locations make Zales the best place to find the perfect way to say "I love you." Plus, our web store allows you to shop our largest diamond store anytime, with thousands of items to choose from.