Zale Corporation

Treating Employees Fairly

One of the keys to our company's longevity and great reputation is the way we treat employees. Employees are the real jewels of our organization. So we aim to show them how valuable they are. For one, we make sure every person is treated respectfully. And not only do we strive to run a smooth, efficient organization, but we also do our best to create an enjoyable work environment.

To this end, we strictly follow a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. In it, we address all the issues involved with business ethics, including conflicts of interest, confidentiality and proper disclosure of corporate information, accuracy of financial records and reports, compliance with federal and state laws and other ethical concerns.

We encourage every employee to measure his or her conduct against our corporate code. Sometimes, all it takes is to stop and ask yourself: if your supervisor or colleagues were to read about your conduct on the front page of the newspaper, would you be embarrassed? In a nutshell, if your behavior is damaging to our company, it will probably be damaging to you.

Click here for the Zales Code of Business Conduct and Practices.